In doing some organizing at the end of 2011 I came across a list I’d written at the beginning of January 2011 about stuff I wanted to do or look into that year.  Sort of like resolutions.  I was extremely impressed and pleased with how much of that stuff actually got done.  It was encouraging to see that progress had been made in so many of the areas that I was wanting.

2011 Goals(in the order I wrote them down, not necessarily order of importance)

  1. Make some really good bread(spelt and sourdough).  I think I did make some really good bread.  I also made some pretty soso bread.
  2. Begin the process of a baby.   Found out about our baby in the beginning of September.  So exciting!
  3. Buy a house.  Got it!  
  4. Have some garden stuff.  My big pots on the back patio were quite good this year!  Tomatoes, beans, peas, zucchini and lots of lettuce. 
  5. Eat more avocados.  This was unspecific, but I do think we ate a good number of them.   
  6. Cook with more greens.  Our relatives were quite generous with garden surplus this summer.  Trying to stick with the program still!
  7. Can tomatoes.  Ben’s grandma had more than she needed, so I got 7 quarts of tomatoes canned and I’m being stingy with them.  :D
  8. Go camping.  Hmm, mostly.  We stayed in cabins/fancy cabin house twice, but lots of camping activities got done.  
  9. Sew a dress that fits.  Yes!  Totally simple pattern, but so pretty and (I think) very flattering.
  10. Throw/give away a box/bag of stuff every month.  Not every month, but I think it averaged with all the months I got more than one.
  11. Run more than 60 miles.  I didn’t keep track very well, but it was probably more like 75?  I’m pleased.
  12. Read more (Bible esp).  Unspecific again, but I did read a lot and kept working on the Bible habit.  
  13. Less computer.  Even unspecific this was a failure.  
  14. Take pictures. (blog?)  I took a few pictures and wrote one blog post on the other blog.  Not what I wanted, but not total failure
  15. Find something to say when people ask what I’ve been up to.  Well, I have been up to a bit more with a house than with the apartment…
  16. Finish “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell.  Got it, finally!  Now to read it again w/out such a long break in the middle.  o.O
  17. Don’t sunburn!  Mostly didn’t.  Had a couple of extra rosy days and got one arm pretty well early on, but mostly did well, I think.  

This year my goals list is much longer and I won’t tire you with it all here.  However, one of my goals was to write one blog post a week this year.  I’m already two weeks behind, so I guess I’ve got some catch up to do already.  A lot has changed since my last post.  We bought a house, got a cat and are expecting a baby in May.  That’s some big stuff right there.  Should be plenty to write about.  It’s going to be a great year.

Let me know what you think!

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