Sewing: Simple Kimono Top

A few days ago I found the tutorial for this pretty thing online.

Source: Living Life via Amanda at Pinterest

The directions are rather spare, but I decided it looked simple enough I could puzzle it through.  I got the main pieces cut out(four rectangles! so simple!) and the first couple hems done and took a couple days break to think over how to best create the tube for the elastic at the waistline.

Today, in the interest of finishing the project, I opted to sew a one inch hem where the shoulder pieces attached to the torso piece, then edge stitch that hem down to the torso on the wrong side, creating a pocket just the right size to thread my 3/4in elastic through.

I tried the top on after completing the tutorial directions and quickly determined that I needed a bit of modification.  I made a less open sleeve by sewing up half the length of the underarm of the shoulder piece then made the v-neck front and back a bit higher by sewing the two different shoulder sides together just above the front and back center waistline.  This made the top less breezy and bunchy under the arms and more modest at the neckline.  Pardon the bad pic, but this is how my version turned out.

I’m definitely not the size zero sewing dummy that the original is modeled on, but I’m pleased with how it fits.  It goes nicely over my bit of baby bump and there’s room for some growth yet too.  I’m thinking of making another entirely of the pink fabric with a little bit of a longer skirt.  I’ll probably do the front neckline a bit differently by adding a panel of the brown fabric across the front v-neck for a more graceful modesty save and possibly attach it with small buttons or hook&eyes to make it work for nursing access come summer.

Even with needing a bit of modification it’s a very nice project for how simple and fast the cutting and stitching was.  Eventually I’ll have to figure out darts and zippers and other things that make up more complicated patterns, but this turned out quite well for not needing them at all.


Let me know what you think!

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