Sewing: Red Valances

Last summer I was informed of a small family fabric store going out of business.  Sad for them maybe, but since they were selling off all their fabric for $1 a yard I was delighted.  One of my finds declared that it wanted to be accent curtains for the bay window in our new house, but it took me a while to get on the ball and actually do anything about it.  I finally got them pulled together these last couple days and am very happy with how they turned out.  It adds some color and texture to that wall and helps to define the windows a bit better as well as coordinating nicely with my sprocket pillow.

I delayed the middle valance a couple days, thinking with dread about hemming 100 inches of fabric as well as having to sew the curtain rod pocket for 100 inches, but then it struck me as I was cutting the fabric that it had a selvage edge that was fully printed with the same pattern so I didn’t have to hem it!  Since I was just going to attack the lower edge with safety pins anyway(to create the gathers) this turned out to be a great time saver.

I love the fabric!  Definitely a very gratifying project.

Let me know what you think!

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