Holiday Trifecta

Seriously going to need more practice in sticking with this blogging thing, but now’s the time to establish the habit, before anyone really cares, right? :D

Anyway.  Lots of  stuff happening lately.  Ben and I had five days of celebration between the 10th and the 14th for my 24th birthday, our third anniversary and Valentine’s day.  Ben had been telling me for a couple days that he was expecting a box for my birthday and it finally came and it was massive.  I was dying of curiosity.  He’d found a website that let him make any selection of glass bottles and jars that he wanted, so in the box, once I got past the packing tape on the outside box and the 6 inches of packing peanuts and the packing tape on the interior box and the crumpled paper wrapped around them, was about 20 pretty little glass containers of various shapes and sizes.  My immediate favorite was a pair of glass syrup bottles for my homemade syrup.  I’d been for a while wanting a better solution than the leftover container type dish I’d been keeping my syrup in previously.  I couldn’t think what a syrup bottle would look like, officially, and I apparently never told Ben about my brainstorming because he said later that he didn’t know what kind of bottles they were, he just liked them, but I knew immediately that they were meant to be syrup bottles, so it was a very happy happening.  I’m now rooting for a new set of spice racks so that I can fill the smallest jars with spices and display them.  I think they’ll be very pretty filled with the colorful spices, and it’ll clear out a bit of my scanty cabinet space for other stuff.

Later that day we went mini-golfing with some of our siblings which was great fun and lots of laughs.  I indulged a wish of mine and made a giant triple layer devil’s food cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  SOOO yum, oh my goodness.  We brought that over to my parents house for b’day celebration and dinner and games and a movie.  We went to the rec center a couple times over the weekend and did lots of lovely, lazy sleeping in.

We went to the Olive Garden for our eating out date and it was yummy.  We were pretty proud of ourselves for being adults who could plan ahead(occasionally!) and make reservations beforehand because even the day before Valentine’s it was a circus and there were about 20 people waiting with their summons buzzers in the lobby but we walked in and told them our name and got seated instantly.  We were a bit smug, haha.

Valentine’s day itself was mostly a quiet day.  We went and exercised then came home and had steak fajitas and sparkling cider in wine glasses on a white table cloth with red candles and red napkins.  Very pretty and very yummy.  We then adjourned to the couch with another glass of cider and the last slices of the chocolate cake for a viewing of “Real Steel”(which, by the way, is an awesome movie).

Overall it was a lovely bunch of time to spend together.

There is a picture of my beautiful cake somewhere, but it's not in my possession, so here is a picture of froot loops. They were delicious.


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