home cooking vs restaurants or “how my husband loves me best by preferring to eat at home”

I have to follow up my previous post about our Valentine’s day dinner out and say that we eat at restaurants almost never.  Like, 5-6 times a year, maybe.  And this totally doesn’t bug me because most of the time when I suggest that a restaurant or something from a fast food place sounds good Ben tells me that we can make it just as good or better at home. And he’s right, we can mostly make it almost as good and frequently better and certainly, always, MUCH more affordably.

But there is always something about just going someplace and ordering whatever on earth you want and having someone else make it with all the lovely expensive ingredients(really good steak, for example) that I can’t stand to buy but they always have on hand and using freehandedly the stuff that I know isn’t really all that good for you in such masses(butter, cream, sugar, deep frying) and having it show up hot and smelling amazing while being in a fun, crowded, chattery atmosphere in a well designed and decorated building.

So, yes, sometimes for special occasions we eat out and that’s fun and it’s usually yummy and it’s always fun to have so many choices, but we walk out and I think of things I would have liked changed about the dish(frequently the $$, haha) and Ben will almost always tell me that either my version of whatever is better or that I could figure out how to make whatever it was we really liked.  He’s such a sweetheart.  What better kind of Valentine could I want than his high, high confidence in my abilities?

Here is a pic of my big beautiful cake, just to make you drool. :D


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