It’s a…….

No, not a velociraptor.  According to the ultrasound last week our little baby is a boy.  It was so fun to get to take a sneak peek at him!  It was a bit tricky to get used to the way the ultrasound images work, but once my brain adjusted it was pretty clear for most things.  We got to see leg bones and ribs and forearm and finger bones and the outline of a sweet little ear.  We saw his heart beating and the tech said it looked perfect.  We very clearly saw him grasping his ankle and opening and closing his mouth.  He got squirmy towards the end and at one point kicked away from the camera so that all we could see was the bottoms of his feet.  I’m pretty sure he’s got a turned up little nose and (in the fuzzy ultrasound pics, anyway) his mouth reminds me of Ben.

Having known about Baby for close to 6 months I’ve gotten pretty used to the idea that there is and will be a baby who is entirely ours.  Now that we know it’s a boy it kind of feels like I have to get used to the idea all over again.  I keep finding myself calling him “it”, poor boy.  It’s very sweet, though, to be able to say “him” and think of having a little boy.  It’s fun to have our names list narrowed down so sharply, (goodbye, girl names!), though we haven’t made much progress beyond that.  It’s also fun to think about all the fun and adventures this little boy and his cousin Z(due any day now!) are going to have together in a couple years.

Altogether the ultrasound was a VERY fun thing.  Only 12 weeks or so until we get to see him for real!  Until then, lots of prep work!  Like repainting the pink hand-me-down dresser from his youngest aunties, since we definitely know that won’t work now.  :D

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