the cat

Nimbus a day or two after we got him.

This is Nimbus.  When we got him he was small and fluffy and liked to play with crumpled paper.  These days he is larger and still pretty fluffy.  His current toy of choice is a curled up twisty on the hard floor.   He has learned what “no” means and usually does what he should in response.  He’s very talkative and has a whiny voice for when we tell him no along with voices for asking where we are or saying he’s bored or excited.  Except for the whining his talking is pretty cute.  Guess that’s practice for kids, eh?

The fluffy snowflake blanket is his favorite and almost guarantees that he’ll come sit with us during movies or reading.  He likes when either of us takes naps on the couch and snuggles right into a cozy place, or sometimes on top of us.

Nimbus likes naptime.

We’re working on transitioning him to being an outside cat and he’s gradually getting used to the idea.  Being outside in the dark is lots of fun and once twilight comes around he actually asks to go outside.  During the daytime is a different matter, but I think that he’s getting resigned to the idea and maybe once spring rolls around with birds and grasshoppers and us out gardening he’ll be more interested in the idea.  Come end of April he’s going to be an outside cat, whether he likes it or not, poor silly kitty, so he better find something to like!

He’s very tolerant of being picked up and talked to in strange voices and he loves having his ears rubbed.  This evening he came inside for a little while and was cleaning himself up from the dirty outside germs(lol) and every now and then he’d trill and jump into the air.  He likes to sit around corners and wait for us to walk by so he can pounce at us and he’s fearless about playing wrestling with Ben’s feet.   He also likes to sit in grocery bags, sometimes when the groceries are still in them.

Nimbus tonight, enjoying his grocery bag.

Mostly he’s a good kitty and we’re pretty happy to have him around.


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