babies and blankies

My first nephew was born last week, (pics here) and oh my goodness, he is darling!  I visited my sister and little Ranger the day after he was born.  My sister has never looked more gorgeous than when she’s cuddling and kissing her baby boy.  It’s very sweet to see.  I got to hold that sweet, sleepy little one and I can already tell it’s going to be very fun to have a baby in the immediate, close family again.  Since my littlest sisters have decided to stop being babies (7 and 9, oh my!) I’ve had to wait for a big family gathering to smooch on my aunties babies, my cousins.  Now I get to be one of the aunties!  It’s definitely going to be a fun gig.

Seeing little Ranger has made me SO eager to see and snuggle our own little boy.  I’ve known this whole time that he’s in there, but it’s still pretty hard to wrap my head around the idea of a baby, our very own 24/7 baby being here.  I expect it’ll feel perfectly real once he’s actually here, but since I’m still waiting to know our boy for real I’ve been using our evening movie/tv show time to work on a cozy crocheted blanket for him.  I’ve been using rope stitch which is nice and mindless for mostly concentrating on other things.  Ben actually picked out the yarn for me Christmas 2010 and I’ve done almost no crocheting between then and now, so this yarn has just been waiting for a project.  It’s very interesting yarn to work with in that there’s no predictable pattern to it.  Each new length of yarn is like a surprise of color combos.  I think that since Ben picked the yarn and I’m putting it together that makes the blanket be from both of us, so that’s pretty fun.

I’ve also been enjoying this project because my great-grandma(who died 9 years ago) always had a little crocheted blankie for each of her new great-grandbabies.  They were always a rainbow of yarn colors because she was very frugal and was always using ends of yarns with ends of other yarns.  No two blankets ever the same but every one was a gift of love.  Definitely makes me feel like I’m continuing in a bit of tradition both in crocheting a blankie for a baby and in the random colors of this particular yarn.  It’s a very satisfying project to work on, but it’s going to be even more satisfying to finally get to see it wrapped around our little one.

1 skein of Red Heart "Peruvian Print" makes up the finished part. The next skein should take it to almost a perfectly square blankie.


3 thoughts on “babies and blankies

  1. This is lovely!! I totally agree about the delight of seeing Erika as a momma loving on her little guy. Pure joy. And having one little grandbaby here has made me even more eager to see the other! :)


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