At the moment I am…

Saw this post idea on Mom’s blog and thought it might be fun to do myself.

listening… to my William Ackerman station on Pandora.  Lovely, elegant, classical guitar instrumental music.  Mellow, thoughtful and relaxing.

loving…  feeling like I’m getting things accomplished for baby’s arrival!  I have something like 40 meals in the freezer now, either as complete as soup that just needs heated, a dish that needs tossed into the crock pot or oven or as basic as already seasoned and cooked taco meat.  I am also enjoying that I have baby’s room pretty much pulled together, including painting his little dresser.  Painting his dresser meant that I could wash and put away all his new clothes, so that is done too.  It’s so fun to peek in the top drawer and see the tiniest little clothes in there!  It’s hard to believe that there WILL be a baby wearing them sometime in the next month!  I think I’ve gotten very used to being pregnant.  It feels so normal now.  I know there’s the baby inside there, but it’s going to be entirely different to get to know him OUTSIDE here.  So weird to think about, but so cool. :)  Very eager to get loving on my baby.

I really need to get better at taking before pictures! This is the after of a hand down dresser from my little sisters. Originally the top was pink, the drawer fronts were the same orange with flowered knobs, the main body was white and the whole thing was pretty well scuffed up. Think this suits it pretty well!

thinking… of all the stuff I’d still like to do before he gets here!  Stuff like finish his blankie, write up an inventory of the freezers with instructions for preparing, declutter our closet and rearrange our bedroom, print up some Bible verses big for the walls, etc, etc, etc.  It is very satisfying though, to look at the huge to-do list I created a couple weeks ago and admire the big dent I’ve put in it. Pretty sure there’s nothing essential left on the list, so if he decided to come tomorrow we’d be fine, but it’d still be nice to accomplish a bit more.

making… not much at the moment, actually.  Making my baby grow?  :D  Cooked a 20lb turkey and a full crock pot of pinto beans(for freezing in 2cup portions in lieu of canned beans) yesterday, so that should count for something, right?  (Note to self: do not buy any more absurdly large turkeys, even if it is the smallest on the store has on hand atm.  It won’t fit in the roaster and you’ll jury-rig something “clever” with a pizza pan and tinfoil that will work pretty well until it’s cooked and the pan is full of broth and you have to enlist your(perfectly willing) husband to figure out how to get it out of the oven for you without sloshing and starting a grease fire in the bottom of the oven.  He’s a genius, so he manages just fine, but it’s really simpler if the turkey just fits in the roaster.  End of note.)  Just made this big gorgeous smoothie for second lunch.  Yum.  Such a good way to eat a boatload of spinach totally painlessly.

from the bottom up – 1 banana, 1/4 c canned pineapple and juice, 5 strawberries, 1 c frozen blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, 1 c strawberry yogurt, spinach to generously fill the blender, 3 spoonfuls of ground flax and then milk(not pictured) to fill in the airspace and make it blendable.

wanting… to meet my sweet baby!  I want to see what he looks like and kiss his head and hold those fluttery little hands and see those feet that prod around so much.  His arrival has always been inevitable, but now it’s almost real!  Hooray!

What have you been listening, loving, thinking, making or wanting?


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