Ascher – 16 Weeks Old


Ascher was born on May 16th, 21 inches long and weighing a grand 9lbs 4oz.  His name, meaning blessed and happy, was chosen because of how we were feeling in expectation of him, but it is a perfect fit for him.  He is a delightfully happy, smiley boy and we’re so glad to have him.  We were quite blessed by a good birth and the fact that he came right on his due date.  I’ll probably tell some more about that later.  For now, here’s some of the fun stuff Ascher has been doing and learning in the last three months.

He has learned how to turn pages in board books.  I sometimes have to move his hand to turn the first page, but after that he puts his hand under it and moves it over to the left.  He likes to look at the pictures and he knows that new pictures come when you turn the page.

I can almost always get big smiles from him by sticking my tongue out at him.  He sticks his out at me when he wants to play some more.

He can be very thoughtful at times and just stares at whatever it is he’s thinking about.  Frequently with a tiny thinking wrinkle between his eyebrows.

He loves our ceiling fan.  I think he’s outgrowing it a bit now, but for quite a while he stared at it, smiled at it, talked to it and generally acted like it was his best friend.

He usually wakes up happy and has lots of smiles for getting up to play.

He is fascinated by watching his toes wiggle, whenever he catches a glimpse of them.

Once we get him to sleep at bedtime he usually sleeps really well, only waking up enough to ask for more food a couple times and then conking right back out again.

Somewhere along the way he decided that sitting up was the thing to do and he tenses up his whole body like a little crunch and tries to lean forward if we don’t have him sitting up enough.

He weighed 18.5 pounds at 15 weeks.

He adores his daddy and almost always has smiles for their games.

He rolled from tummy to back twice one day at 6 weeks and hasn’t done it since.  Now he’ll lay there quietly for a minute or two, sucking on his hand, hold his head up for a few seconds and then just put his face down and start yelling and protesting.  Ben hypothesizes that his chubby tummy makes it too hard to roll over anymore.  :)

If he gets a sweaty face from sleeping on me he’ll start fussing until I put something dry between us.

He’s ticklish, but it doesn’t quite register as funny yet, just something to squirm about.

He has a dimple in each cheek.

Most colors look good on him.

He wakes up with different crazy bedhead every day.

He’s discovered that standing up is lots of fun and can now take all of his weight for himself for a short time.

His eyebrows are extremely expressive and have been since birth.

Every now and then he scrunches up his nose at me when he smiles.

When things get overwhelming or tiring for him he snorts and looks away.

We found that he really likes to exercise with us.  I was doing squats with him for the extra weight and he laughed for the first time.  Sitting on my stomach while I did crunches got a laugh a different time.

He likes playing with toys now.  I think his holey ball and his big puppy are his favorites.



Basically Ascher is a sweet boy and a super cute-face.  You’ll be hearing more about him, but I thought a giant catch up post was in order.

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