Five Minute Friday: Graceful

Writing again with Lisa-Jo Baker.  Visit her blog if you’d like to write also!


I love watching people who are good at what they do.  Dancers are graceful in a controlled and precise way, usually moving to a tune that we can hear.  Soccer players, moving at approximately a zillion miles per hour, (at least to my easily impressed eyes) are graceful in a high power, somewhat unpredictable way.  The uneducated soccer observer has little insight as to why they choose that path over this one, each seeming to be equally good.

Does that relate to other uses of graceful?  I think so.  Sometimes we try to be graceful in a way that goes smoothly and is beautiful.  Like a dancer we work together with the others on the floor to avoid crashes.  Other times we must be grace-full in a way that people don’t expect.  We must offer forgiveness when others don’t understand why.  We must love those who are hard to love.  When we have God’s Word as guidance for how to live our lives we move to a rhythm that many don’t understand.  We are unpredictable by the world’s standards.  We have been given grace and so by grace we must act.

I thought this little dancing soccer girlie was sweet


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Graceful

  1. I love everyone’s differing ideas on grace! I particularly enjoyed teh grace of forgiveness and loving those that society may deem unlovable. It’s a hard hard thing to understand let alone actively do. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing (here from FMF)!

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