Ordinary Acts

This quote is especially apt when applied to parenting.  When we consider that our ordinary actions affect not only our souls(both eternal and emotional) but the souls  of our babies as well, how awe-inspiring is that?  In changing diapers and outfits and providing baths and snuggles and food we are taking care of the souls of our little ones, not just their bodies.  Sure, they really need those things(sometimes they reallyreallyreally need those things) physically, but they also need them emotionally.  In a sense they need them more emotionally than physically.

When we do these things we aren’t just making them clean and content with a full tummy.  Those are good things and it can certainly be a primary objective when you have a stinky, grumpy, hungry baby on hand.  Even when they don’t quite realize it and we don’t always remember it that other side is there.  When we take care of their physical needs lovingly and routinely, even in those moments of wondering how they could possibly need another diaper change or more food or another kiss goodnight, they are learning the confidence to trust that someone is always going to be there to take care of what they need.  And as they grow it will make sense when we tell them about Jesus and that He’s bigger than mama and daddy and that He loves them and wants to take care of them and always will.

Sometimes as I wave my title and fulfill my job description of “wife and mama” it sounds mundane.  Like it’s something anyone can and will do and what else do you do with yourself?  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking I’m not doing anything big or important.  The thing is, I’ll never want a “real job”.  (other mamas know what the quotes are for!)  I’ll never be famous for much of anything.  I’ll never run 7 minute miles or wear a size two.  I’ll probably never be fiscally rich or have a ocean house or do or be any of the things that would make me impressive to the world.

Most of the time I’m okay with that.  Because what I CAN do and be is a mama.  I will give more snuggles and kisses and tell stories and teach truth and raise my babies, and all of these ordinary acts will add up to an extraordinary payout.  Because what I am doing rightnow, even when it feels ad infinitum, is the most important thing in the world I could possibly be doing.  These babies, these little souls, are, for the time being, mine and Ben’s to take care of.  And that’s what I’m gonna do.

I am a wife.  I am a mama.  I’m a child of God.  I’m right where I belong.


Obviously I’ve only been doing this mama-gig for four months and I certainly don’t claim to have it together.  I saw this quote and it turned into a post and the post turned into the metaphorical kick-in-the-pants I need every once and again.  Also please note that we do only have one baby.  Plurals was just how it wrote up. :)


What’s your war-cry for those endlessly ordinary acts that we all(mama or not) have to do?


3 thoughts on “Ordinary Acts

  1. Love this! I like how you’re already thinking about telling him Jesus is bigger than mama and daddy. I feel like that needs to be more on my mind. (btw you should link up at Fried Okra with this one!)

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