Five Minute Friday: Focus

Before having Ascher I could dither around all day doing not much of anything.  I’d check Facebook obsessively, take time-outs to scroll through a “few” pages of Pinterest, find a magazine while organizing and get completely waylaid from my task, hit refresh on my favorite blogs, daydream about how I wanted the house and yard to look eventually(aided by Pinterest, of course) and still manage to get the whole house cleaned, including bathrooms, if I really wanted to.

Now I have to seize my moments, specifically naptime, and focus hard on whatever it is that I really need to get done.  Some days it’s the kitchen, other days the laundry.  I haven’t made the bed for ages, but there’s not much point in the summer when we only use a sheet, I guess.  My bathrooms… well, let’s not go there, ok?

Lately I’ve been using naptime to can, which means other things are looking a bit disastrous.  But, when my task is done and the baby awakes I have to have a new kind of focus.  I have to focus on him, reading stories, playing games.  (Sometimes I sneakily fold laundry while playing with him on the floor!)  It’s different, but it’s good.  I’m actually more productive in the short times I have to work than before.  Focus, focus, focus.

Linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday!  Visit her for the rules! :)


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