Mopeless Monday

Continuing to promote happiness on all the days of the week, including the widely dreaded Monday!  To that end I’m sharing three things that made me smile last week and one thing that I’m looking forward to about this week.  Share yours if you’re inclined, either on your blog(just let me know so I can come read yours!) or here in the comments!

Smiles from last week – 

1.  Looking at the cover photo for a bread cookbook, deciding I really wanted that bread and creating a pleasingly similar loaf.  I should have taken a picture, but we ate it up too quickly.  :D

2.  Christmas brainstorming!  Actually, brainstorming in general, last week.  I’ve been thinking about Christmas, house projects, garden projects for next year(already!!) and this fall, and a fun blog thing that still needs more hashing out.  I’d need like 42 pairs of hands to accomplish it all(and probably a lotto of $$ haha), but it’s fun to have lots of plans.

3.  Doing some sewing for the first time in four months(oh, I wonder why it’s been four months??  :D).  I “edited” the bottom hem of some pants to be a skinny fit vs a flare and they turned out really nicely.  I now have a stack of pants I haven’t worn for ages that I’m picturing doing that to.  I think it should freshen them up and make them a different pant, rather than just a similar repeat of stuff I wear all the time.

Extras!  Because my cup runneth over!  Rain, smiley baby, loudly singing Disney songs with Ben, dinner with lots of our veggies, organizing, beautiful colors, big dreams, rest, reading, clean kitchen.

Looking forward to more of the above, I guess… We don’t really have anything officially planned for the coming week, but I’m happy about it anyway!


What made you smile last week??  What are you looking forward to about this week??


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