Photo Wall Project

First of 31 days of super-accomplishing!  I’m excited to see how much I can get done in a month when I’m really focusing on it and I’d love to see what goals and projects you all come up with!  Erika has a linky here if you blog and want to share, but even if you don’t blog you can leave a comment and brag on yourself!  Even if you only do a day or two, getting stuff is such a good feeling.

The photo wall was a really rewarding project.  I should confess that I cheated and started it couple days ago.  I’ve been admiring similar projects on Pinterest for a couple months now, but the idea finally started coming together and I just couldn’t wait for October to get here, even though I knew this was just the kind of thing I’d be looking to do.

Almost before I knew it I had a pile of pictures and frames and extras pulled from all corners of the house.  Ben walked in the door after work that day and saw my pile and had to ask if there were any pictures left in the rest of the house.  :D  I was happy to remember to take a before picture, so here you go!

See that big empty space?(And the clutter, yuck!)  I knew it would need something big to fill it up, but it was kind of an awkward space with the piano there and the space to the left above the couch.  When I started arranging my pictures I was looking for flow to transition that weird shape into something graceful.  After I thought I had the shape figured out the pictures all sat, arranged, on the living room floor for a couple days with me (slightly) dreading the task of figuring out the right nails and tacks and spacing for the pictures.  Tell you what, I get derailed by dumb stuff sometimes.  Anyone else?

Happily, on Sunday, Ben volunteered to put them up for me!  He has an excellent eye for spacing and form and straightness and did a marvelous job with them.  We had to rearrange a bit of the shape because I truly hadn’t understood how BIG that space is!  We added one more picture and the wall could easily accommodate several more.  I think this is a great way to put up pictures in an organic way, without having to take everything down and start over when you want you add a couple more things.  Here’s how it turned out.

  One thing that I really was aiming for was a variety of textures, more than just a shiny expanse of frames.  To that end I framed up a couple of my favorite fabrics, and added the letter B, the floral wreath and the metal plaque.  I like how the wreath and the clock complement each other in shape.  I also unexpectedly enjoyed the way the frames don’t all match.  I’d been planning to paint the oak-tone frames with a red-brown that very closely matched the dark wood frames, but once they were on the wall they really work together.  If I were to paint them it would be in a bright color to really pop, and that still may happen sometime this month.

A happy side effect of the project being complete(for the moment anyway!) is that I had to clean up the living room so I could properly enjoy the look of the wall.  Hooray for a clean room and the pretty new wall!  Onward to more projects!

Have you ever put together a big photo wall?


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