Cloth Pumpkin Tutorial

Last year I didn’t get much into fall decorating.  We’d just moved in and I’d just as soon see the fall outside as inside, so I didn’t really bother with it.

However, as a housewarming gift we were given a sweet fabric pumpkin.  I liked it on the shelf but kept wishing that there was more than one.  It just seemed…lonely.  I was looking at it this year and it occurred to me that they are probably really easy to make.  Sure enough, it’s extremely simple construction.  I made a couple quick measurements and jumped right in.



My experimental design turned out nicely.    I made an uneven divide of a pretty fall patterned fat quarter and started with my fabric 8″ x 22″, leaving a 10″x22″ piece for another pumpkin.  As you can see on the left it made a very short little pumpkin.  If I wanted something more like the original I needed to start with bigger fabric.


Here’s what I did.

I cut my fabric to 13×22 inches.

I put right sides together and sewed the short edges together to make a tube.

Then created a simple drawstring slot on the top and bottom of the tube. This is basically a 1/2 inch hem, with an opening left to thread a safety pin and a cord through.

With the tube still right sides together I threaded my drawstring and scrunched the opening completely shut. Tie off your cord and trim the ends.

Turn the fabric right side out and stuff with fiberfill.

Thread the drawstring slot on the other end and cinch it shut. Squeeze the pumpkin. Adjust the fiberfill until it’s as firm or soft as you want it. Tie off and trim your cord.

What you have at this point is a pillow, not a pumpkin.  I got concentrating and forgot about pictures here, sorry.  Hopefully this makes sense without them.  To compress the center and create the ridges in the side I took a crochet hook, poked it through the center of the pumpkin and tied a sturdy complementary yarn to the hook.  Then I pulled the hook back through the pumpkin, yarn attached, to make a pumpkin on a string.  Then I pulled that end around the outside of the pumpkin and tied it to itself where I’d first threaded it through to create the first indent.  Then I continued wrapping the pumpkin and using the crochet hook to pull it through until I had six pumpkin lobes and two wraps of yarn on each indent.

The yarn pulled the center down and created pumpkin ridges.

Then I added a stem(a tree sucker we trimmed off and cut to size) and hot glued it down. I found it worked better to put glue in the center of the pumpkin and then shove the stick in. This hides the shiny glue I had showing on my first pumpkin.

Finished product!

This is such a fun little touch of fall.  I love that they’re totally customizeable, depending on what kind of fabric you use.  You could even make them in brights or jewel tones.  So many possibilities!  Have fun!







12 thoughts on “Cloth Pumpkin Tutorial

  1. Do you leave your sewing machine out all the time? Or put it away between projects. I hate dragging mine out and putting it away all the time. Some day I’ll have a sewing room and not have to clean up in the middle of a project.

    • At the moment I have a three bedroom house and the three of us all sleep in one bedroom, so I have a sewing/office/library/extra pantry room. I very much like having it available all the time. :)

  2. Lynn says:

    Just was thinking about making some so I went to the thrift store to find some plaid shirts or some dresses Thanks for the tutorial.

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