Drifting to Focus

Only day 3 of 31 and I’m already feeling off track.  I know it’s not irretrievable.  I have every intention of still doing lots of fun big and small things this month.  I just feel silly for having only normal things to report for the last couple days.  Nothing exciting to show for yesterday.  Baby and I both slept badly the previous night so I was happy to get my exercise, a partially clean kitchen and a nap.  Just minimal stuff for functioning.

Isn’t he cute??

Today we were both well rested to start the day.  I exercised and (mostly) cleaned a bathroom while Ascher got his first nap.  I confess to some aimless pintresting and I know I could have gotten the bathroom donedone if I’d *sigh* focused.  After a snack for us both we walked to the park.  It was a lovely, fresh, breezy day and there was just enough fall in the air to make me wonder if I’d wish for long pants.

His mother defends the plaid hat and striped overalls by saying that it was all blue and red and white. Don’t judge, you know it works. ;)

I tried Ascher in the baby swings on the playground for the first time.  He was mellow with the idea, but not enraptured.  He gave me little smiles when I made silly faces and sounds at him, but he was definitely a bit overwhelmed with the new place and all the new things to see.  I think it’ll still be nice enough to bring him over for a little while longer, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it as fun much more in the spring.

At some point in the evening Ben told me that he was imagining the smell of chocolate chip cookies and he was wondering if that could be made a reality, so I made some cookies(yum!) and jumped into dinner prep while they baked.  Biscuits with tuna gravy and corn and peas on the side made a yummy, easy dinner.  We watched an episode of Flashpoint.  I like that show, but wow, it’s serious sometimes!  I don’t get teary for much, tv or movie-wise, but this one had me at the end scene.  Sad!

Ack, moving away from emotional displays now.

I stuck a roast in the crockpot to slow cook overnight.  We remembered that it was maybe going to freeze tonight.  I tried to put the baby to bed.  Note the tried.  Ben went out and picked 60lbs of tomatoes and peppers.  Holy smokes, guess those’ll need processing pretty soon here.  We’ll have LOTS of tomatoes in the pantry!  :D  Baby went to sleep.  I wrote a blog post.  Baby is waking up.  Insert deep thoughts here about the need for focus.  Never mind, Baby is not waking up.  Which means I need to truly finish this post and not make you imagine it… bummer, haha.

I’ve already learned a few things from this project.  One, that I’m very susceptible to being inspired by others projects, to the point that I want to drop what I’m doing and start something that someone else showed me.  Obviously I need more practice in focus.

Two, that if I don’t have something in mind to do I can fizzle the day away looking for inspiration.  Why one and two don’t peacefully combine is beyond me.

Three, that a day of perfectly normal, needful things is not a failure of this project.  I had a really good day today.  I made dinner and cookies and exercised and played outside and made the baby laugh and cleaned the kitchen and started dinner for tomorrow and hung out with my husband and cleaned a bathroom(!!).  I did a lot of stuff,  even if it wasn’t an interesting tutorial or recipe or home transformation.  I guess what I did today was focus on the joy of normal.  And that’s certainly something I can never get too much practice in.


Are you wanting to shorten a long to-do list?  We’d love to have you join our 31 Days to Focus and Refresh as we seek to focus on the things that matter to refresh our hearts, homes and habits.  Even if you can only join in for a day we’d love to see what you’re up to.


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