Bed Set-Up for Sharing with Baby

I promised you pictures of how we rearranged our room.  This is how we had the bed previously.  This was a great set-up because it incorporated the existing window seat to make the double bed wider, which was great.  It also made it impossible for Ascher to fall out of bed and the slight height difference between the mattress and the window seat meant that I didn’t have to worry about squishing him in the night or pulling my blankets up over him too much.  He had his own little spot and all his own blankets while still being easy to reach and feed and snuggle a bit in the night.

However, once it started to get cold in the night I decided we had to change something.  The cold air was dropping in the window straight onto Ascher and while it’s certainly not dangerously cold, it’s less comfortable for him and he doesn’t sleep as well.  I don’t sleep well either if my hands get as cool as his were getting and he doesn’t even have the good sense to keep them in his blankets where I put them.

So we pulled the room all apart, rotated the bed 90 degrees, stuffed the window seat space full of spare blankets and pillows to get rid of the pit it made at the head of the bed, set the top to an unused coffee table on a couple of nightstands between the bed and wardrobe and put the bed back together.

Now Ascher’s spot is a couple feet away from the window, and he’s been much more comfortable the last couple nights.  He’s still fairly well contained by the wardrobe, but we’ll need to get a baby bed rail once he starts rolling.  His bed set up made a nice little spot to tuck his dirty laundry basket away, so that’s one less thing to clutter up the general view of the room, which is also nice.  It might still need a bit of tweaking, but it’s a good solution overall.


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