Vintage Coat and Fall Decor

Sunday and Monday, what did we do…? We made the rounds at the local thrift stores, picked about 100 pounds of spaghetti squash(between this and all the tomatoes I’m canning we certainly won’t starve this winter!), did some grocery shopping, stopped at Big Lots, did about 75498672 loads of laundry(except for the part where they’re still half folded on the living room floor. Ahem.), made the most amazing hamburgers(with bacon, lettuce, garden tomato, portabello mushroom and swiss cheese. Are you drooling yet?), realized Castle was playing again(yes!), placed some of the fall decor I found, and probably some other stuff that I’m forgetting right now. It was altogether a lovely couple days, especially because Ben was home for both of them.

Pictures of the best stuff!

I went thrift store browsing on Sunday with the idea of looking for some fall decor, tall boots and more fall/winter clothes for my growing-like-crazy Ascher.  I found him a couple things, as well as a couple fall decor things, but this coat was the real treasure.

I know my family is probably shaking their heads at me.  I already have two purple coats and why do I need another?  That’s a good question and the answer is probably that I don’t, but it was sitting there on the rack being beautiful and ignored and calling my name.  So yes, I bought it.  It fits really well and looked well made and had some interesting features and looked a bit vintage-y, so I took it home.

There’s not much info on the tag but a wpl #, which ebay informs me means that the coat was made sometime between 1941 and 1959, so yes, vintage.  The coat has a zip-out liner and the hood is removable.  The buttons on the back of the skirt of the coat are functional, to what intention I can’t guess.  The coat is in perfect condition.  I love it.  But not so much that I wouldn’t sell it if it’s really worth something to someone.  (Know anyone?)  I’ll have to do more research, but at the moment I’m going to enjoy it.

I also found this fun sign, and for the grand ole’ sum of 95 cents it now hangs on our wall.

Our trip to Big Lots got us this fun wooden trough/bowl thing and the yummy smelling gingerbread pumpkin candles.  The jars had other candles in them previously and I had the popcorn and beans on hand.  It spruces up the top of this bookshelf quite nicely.

It’s fairly little stuff, but between these things and my pretty little pumpkins I’m feeling very festive for fall.

Have you been decorating for fall?  


This is part of the 31 Days to Refresh and Focus series.  Click over to see what it’s about and what we’ve been up to!


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