Closets and Clean-Up

Wednesday was a good day for productivity.  I tackled the big closet and my wardrobe in our bedroom.  I sorted out a couple of boxes of “storage clothes” determining what needed to stay(like snow pants and maternity clothes) and what needed to go(like 10 pairs of shoes and a stack of button down blouses that had been stored for a couple years “just in case” I needed them later.  Haven’t.  Huh.)  I moved my skirts to the big closet and hung up most of my shirts for better reminders of my options.  I tidied up a couple shelves in the closet and still owe my wardrobe drawers a once over.  Only so much you can do at once, right?

I also went after Ascher’s room which was looking like this.

 It really wasn’t too hard to fix up.  Mainly, since Ascher doesn’t live in there at the moment, I’ve just been tossing in clothes into the heap on the floor as he outgrows them.  There was a lot of clothes, but messes with not much variety aren’t that hard to clean up.  I did a bit of sorting into the handy diaper boxes and stuck them into his nearly empty closet.  After that it was just a bit of tidying of other stuff and the room was restored.

Ascher woke up as I was finishing and joined me. If you clean it they will come? :)

All in all, a good, productive day.  Today was a more low-key.  We had a really nice visit with some family in the evening and exercise and basic kitchen maintenance stood for productivity.  I also took pictures for a hair tutorial and started a little sewing project, so watch for those things coming soon!  This is how I’ve been focusing and refreshing.


2 thoughts on “Closets and Clean-Up

  1. Suzy says:

    It’s days like these that feel good:). It’s the little things sometimes that bless big! Your little guys room looks great! I have pics of my girls room when there was only one of them in there. Now there is a triple bunk bed with 3 girls in there and we’re still needing to find room for one more lol. She’s only 5 mths though so we have a bit. Their room usually looks like a bomb went off…it’s hard to organize so much in one little space. Hmmm…fall project maybe? I’m enjoying your blog, I’ve been reading your moms for quite awhile and your grandma helped deliver 2 of my babies:). So I feel like, I kinda “know” your family…hope that doesn’t sound creepy lol. God Bless.

    • I’m glad to have you reading here! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with that project, but it should be really satisfying once it’s complete! I know I enjoying looking at my finished projects for several days afterwards. :)

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