Hoorays on Saturday

This morning Ascher and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and stopped by three yard sales. Not too much good stuff, but we did find a place with a couple boxes of baby clothes in just his size. I snagged five things for $2, including a 100% Italian Cashmere sweater. I have no idea what a baby needs with a hand wash only cashmere sweater, but it’s so cute and cozy soft I just snatched it up with the rest.  Hooray for some more affordable and adorable winter clothing for my growing boy!

This afternoon I canned nine and a half more quarts of tomatoes. I’m making good progress on the ones we picked green before the frost, so it’s nice to be getting the space in front of the glass door back. Just hoping now that the rest ripen in large enough batches to be worth canning. We should be having lots of spaghetti this winter, between all the spaghetti squash and the tomatoes. Hooray for the garden!

Other than that, Ben and I are going to go get ice cream this evening, so excuse me while I go get ready!  Hooray for a date!

Ascher says hi! :)

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