Where did last week go?

Yes, I know, it’s been a week since I posted.  Oi.  I had a cold Sunday through Tuesday, but the only real explanation I have for my absence Wednesday through Friday is that it took me that long to get the house back in working order after neglecting it for three days.  It’s a weak and lousy excuse, but that’s what I’ve got, so work with me here, ‘kay?  I could also blame him….

I find the giant drool hanger here somewhat funny. My apologies if you don’t.  ;)

but he’s too cute, soooo, yeah.

I still did manage to get some fun and useful stuff done!

I’m on a sourdough kick at the moment.  I’m addicted to the bubbles and the good yeasty smell and the fact that my sourdough is starting to be respectably flavorful.  For a while as a teenager I was making sourdough pancakes for my family every couple days.  Our big family required big batches of pancakes, which gave me lots of opportunity to tweak and perfect my recipe, and frequent use makes better starter, so I thought my pancakes turned out really yummy.  Maybe my siblings were sick of them by the time I got out of that habit, but I don’t remember, and I was certainly having fun with it.  Since then I’ve used my own starter intermittently, but not often enough to make it really good.  This week though, I think it really came together.  I started with sourdough chocolate chip banana pancakes and moved on to sourdough soft pretzels.

Then I was inspired by Mom’s post about making donuts and had to improv a batch of sourdough apple cinnamon fritters.  No recipe at the moment, but they were good enough that I’ll probably have to make them again, and I’ll write it down then.  :)


Beyond sourdough I did some sewing and decorating.

Ben bought me a dozen little decorative gourds, so I washed those and spread them around the house to further my fall decor.



I sewed a bib for Ascher, loosely based on this pattern.


I sewed the diaper changing mat I’ve been meaning to make for the last five months.  Hopefully this will make cleaning up those random explosive diapers a bit easier.  o.O

The animal/alphabet fabric is a plastic backed cloth diaper fabric.

I also grabbed about $8 worth of super cheap fall flower picks from Walmart.  I broke them down and Ben helped me tuck them into a nice empty wreath I’d found at the thrift store.  My front door is now properly dressed until December!

Such a happy thing to greet you coming home!

These little things were enough to make me feel like I did manage to do something for our Focus and Refresh project.  We’ll see what the next week holds!


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