Recovering Ugly Throw Pillows

I was rummaging through my fabric box the other day, hoping for some project inspiration to leap out at me and I found this.

Imagine that there are two of these in this picture.

If you can’t see past the ugliness to what it is, it’s one of the two throw pillows that came with our used couch.  We slip-covered the couch, but there was no making the pillows work, so they got tossed in my sewing heap to languish wait for something useful to happen.  The zippers were salvageable, so I ripped that out of one of the covers.


The pillow forms, while flat and probably pretty gross under a microscope, were not something I wanted to think about replacing right at this moment so I put them both into a bed pillow case and called it good.

I then installed the salvaged zipper into my fabric and closed the remaining sides.  If you don’t know how to install a zipper I suggest you find a tutorial elsewhere, because mine are barely passable at the moment.  I need more practice, but I tend to avoid projects that involve them, which doesn’t really help the situation, whaddya know.

This was a leftover piece of fabric from making a purse for a sister last Christmas. If I’d had a girl I was planning on making some little clothing item, but that didn’t happen, so a pillow cover it is!

And here is the finished product!

The pillow is about 20″ by 20″, so nice and big.

It’s a good fix for the ugly things that were taking up space in my sewing room for so long, and a lovely pop of color in my living room.  And, I still have another zipper if I find more fabric that wants to be a pillow!  Altogether it was a nice quick, refreshing project!  Just what the month called for!  :)


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