31 Days – An Assessment and My Favorites

Waaaay back a whole month ago I set some goals for the month of October.  I did ok with some of them and not terribly well with the others.  But, even though I didn’t manage to do exactly what I set out to do, I did get some stuff done more or more frequently than I had previously been doing it.  I did do some cleaning and organizing and prettying up the house.  I also did some sewing and hairstyling and more attentive dressing.  I didn’t do well with reading anything useful or limiting internet(probably because I never did decide exactly how I was going to do this) or blogging as often as I thought to.  Overall it was a fun month and I’m pleased with what I did get done.  I’ll definitely be trying to keep doing interesting, useful stuff more often.  I know I enjoy the effect of a good project long after it’s complete.

Favorite projects from my month –

You should go here and check out how everyone else refreshed their lives with fun and useful projects this month.  Everyone did really well!

I especially enjoyed seeing how Erika’s strict internet rules improved her time with her husband – here and here.  Makes me wish I’d really buckled down and made some rules about the important stuff.  I got lots of fun stuff done, but maybe have less to show in the areas that required more mental muscle.  Always room for improvement though, right?

I loved this account of how having the right tools for the job makes the job more pleasant.  I also loved her pretty jewelry organizer.

Recaps of weekends with my family(along with some lovely table decor!) always make me smile and this sign makes me want to get more truth written up on the walls of my home.  So important to be remembering truth.

This recipe looks amazing.  It will be made sometime soon, I’m quite sure.

So much useful stuff going on in this post!  It keeps reminding me that I haven’t yet made my applesauce for the year….  Yummy!

Good job, everyone!!


These lovely things are the last thing related to my 31 days project.  I’ve wanted some brown, knee high boots for a while, but never found quite the right pair.  These caught my eye at the beginning of the month, but I decided I’d better wait to see if they fit into my budget for the month before buying them.  A couple days ago I decided they did and they should be here soon!  I’m very excited to see them(and praying they fit right!).  Providing they work, I’ll have to see if I can style them for you upon arrival!

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