Dive (FMF)

Writing with Lisa-Jo Baker on this Five Minute Friday post.  Click on over if you’d like to write too!


There is no training for some things.  You can read the books and watch the other people and still not know what you’re doing when it’s actually your turn.  Parenting is absolutely one of those things.  It is almost expected that we dive in and have to learn everything, but oh how I hate to flounder.

I have always preferred to be good at something before I have to do it publicly, but I think this is something we spend our whole lives learning.  And in a way, I really hate that.  I’d rather KNOW how to make the baby sleep and keep him fat and happy and be sure that he’s doing everything he should, but I don’t.

I can only dive in and do and pray that God will keep track of the details and help me swim.

Deep breath.


Ben and Ascher playing on Ben's birthday.  So many smiles all around!  :)



8 thoughts on “Dive (FMF)

  1. Amanda,
    I am almost twenty years into this parenting thing and still diving and still floundering! The one thing that I can say is that the Everlasting Arms have always been there for me. God is sooo faithful and He truly does gently lead those with young. Leaning on Him we can rest knowing will never sink!

  2. Cindy says:

    I can totally relate. Being the 2nd of nine, with a good gap between me and the latter 7, I always thought it would be a snap. Then reality set in and I realized, this deal is 24/7. I like to think of it as, we do our best and God smoothes out the rough parts, like the front and back of needlepoint, God’s side is the beautiful front, he takes our efforts and makes them beautiful.
    He does guide our efforts.

  3. Love this line… “I can only dive in and do and pray that God will keep track of the details and help me swim.”

    Cling to that truth and make it your mantra! It will carry you further than any parenting book ever will!

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