Ascher at 8 Months

Ascher is eight months old, good grief.  I started a post for his six month birthday and suddenly that’s two months overdue and he’s eight months old.  Crazy.  At any rate, here’s a bit of what Ascher is up to these days.

He seems to be pretty low-key about the movement thing.  He can’t crawl or scoot yet, but is still using rolling to get where he wants to be.  He’s starting to realize that doesn’t always work and is trying to figure out how to reach further, so I suppose he’s on his way to forward motion.

He’s getting good at sitting up.  He keeps a nice straight back and mostly has decent balance, unless he gets excited about something.  I still don’t sit him and leave him, but I don’t need to guard every wobble anymore.

He loveslovesloves books and will frequently and excitedly choose a book over a toy if we offer him both.  He also enjoys it when we recite Tanka Tanka Skunk to him(memorized by many readings already).

He’s getting very babbly and definitely uses his sounds to try to communicate.  Nanananana, babababa, dthadthadtha, mmmm, are all on frequent repeat, interspersed with spit bubbles, squeals and other hard to define sounds.  He says mmmm! when he’s hungry and wants to eat or would like to nurse.  For a while he was saying mo! (more) when he was ready for another bite.  Other than that I haven’t found any sounds that repeatedly mean something.

Sadly, being pregnant again really turned down my milk supply, so we’ve had to feed him lots of other foods.  When he’s really hungry he’ll down a good half cup or more of soup(homemade puree of meat and vegetables cooked soft in bone broth with additional butter) plus a quarter of a canned pear.  He also enjoys avocado mixed with hard cooked egg yolk, plain greek yogurt mixed with fruit or egg yolk or chicken and green beans.  He loves cheese, grapes(cut into 1/8ths!), oranges, peaches.  We’re not feeding him grains and we limit his cheese and yogurt, but he gets lots of veggies, and protein, some fruit and good fats to help digest it all.  He enjoys almost everything we feed him and seems to be thriving on it all, so that makes this mama happy.

He’s back to getting a 3-5 hour stretch of sleep per night, with the rest of the night being a brief waking every 1-2 hours.  Sometimes if we didn’t feed him enough before bed we have to get up and give him a snack, but mostly he does well.

Unless he has a tooth coming in, in which case he might be up every hour all night long.  Oi.  This also may mean he’s fully awake for an hour or so at some point in the middle, poor grumpy baby.  So far I’m too zombied on those nights to realize that it’s probably a tooth and think of doing something about it until the next morning when I find the new tooth and (sort of) forgive him.

That said, he has five teeth now, so 1/4 down for the first set?  Rah, rah, rah…. *yawn*

He played peekaboo with us a couple days ago, with him controlling the blanket over his face and giving huge grins and chuckles when he popped out and we said boo!

He’s learning to clap and wave and give five.

I brought in a handful of snow for him to see and he stuck his hand in it and started crying.  Guess I’m not depriving the child by keeping him indoors.

He loves the crackly window on junk credit card offers and has lately enjoyed looking at seed catalogs as well.  :)  Train up a child, right?  The seed catalogs, not the credit card offers.  o.O

He loves Ben and will pat his arm to get his attention and they have lots of fun games together.

He gets tired out by going places and is happiest at home when we’re all together.

What else…  oh, pictures of the beautifulamazingperfect baby!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love you, Ascher boy!


5 thoughts on “Ascher at 8 Months

  1. That next bite picture is adorable! Love it. I’m wondering if ranger would sleep better if I made him some protein soup for dinner… Maybe I will start to give it a try! Such a fun update! :)

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