Mopeless Monday (er, Tuesday)

Ascher had a slight fever off and on over the last couple days, and he was tired and crabby and not his normal happy self and I was getting tired and really needing to write this post just to remind myself of the happy stuff that so routinely happens around here.  But, like I said, Ascher wasn’t feeling good and was tired and crabby and needing extra attention, so the post didn’t happen, go figure.  So, here’s the post I was wanting to write yesterday.

Three smiles from last week –

  1. Ascher has started leaning to give or get kisses from me.  If I’m already kissing his cheek I can feeling him leaning up against me more and more and if I make kissy faces at him and ask for a kiss he’ll sometimes come the whole way.  Just now when I was reading a story to him I had my face near his as I read and he turned to me and pressed his face to mine.  Too, too sweet.  :)
  2. The three of us took a fun outing on Saturday and went to the bookstore, out to lunch and then to wander around the mall.  Came home with some books and some sweets, as I feel you must when .  Ascher was a bit overwhelmed because we don’t usually do so much in one day, but he did really well and eventually fell asleep on Ben in the backpack carrier.
  3. Visiting with family is always a highlight of my week.

Looking forward to – 

We’re leaving in a few minutes for an ultrasound to hopefully find out whether our new little one is a boy or a girl.  Yay!

What are you looking forward to about this week?




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