Ascher at Nine Months and Ultrasound Results

We have had a lovely long week of celebrating my birthday, our anniversary and Valentines Day.  Ben tells me it’s not over yet, but so far we’ve had some fun outings, visited a variety of family and eaten altogether more sugar than is good for us.

Ascher is nine months old tomorrow!  He has had fun, I think, with seeing lots of people and places.  He’s still pretty shy about going to most people, but he’s happy to smile and play games from the safety of our arms.  He knows that the carseat means we’re going someplace and usually is interested to see where.  However much he likes visiting though, he’s always glad to be home and frequently gets a fresh burst of happy even if he was grumpy at wherever we were.



He’s getting better and better at sleeping long stretches in the night, which makes mama feel so much more human.  Still not crawling, but is getting pretty good at rocking up towards his knees.  He pretty much just goes backwards which he occasionally finds frustrating and confusing, but we can tell he’s making progress.  He’s really good with his feet and frequently can be seen on his back using his feet to hold and support whatever toy he’s playing with.



Since Ben was working on Valentines and the day was sunny and relatively warm I bundled Ascher up in the bunting made by his Lulu(grandma) and we took a long stroller walk through the neighborhood.  We both enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and being out of the house and Ascher fell asleep on the way home and got a good nap out of it, so that was really nice too.

My little walk buddy was asleep by the time we got home.
My little walk buddy was asleep by the time we got home.

As far as our ultrasound on Tuesday, it looks like we are expecting a little girl!  I’ve been fairly well convinced of that all along, but more about that later.  Should be fun to be able to look at the ruffles and girly colors, but so far I haven’t been very motivated to do so.  I am glad I can start crocheting a baby girl blanket since I already had the yarn picked out.  Also very glad that we can pick a name!  It has so far felt to me like it’s more real and I get to know the baby better once they are named.  Actually, we’re already about 99.5% decided on a name.  I lovelovelove it, but it’s not blog material yet, sorry peeps.  :)

Anyway, that’s what’s been up with my babies.  (Plural!  I love the plural!)

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