Mopeless Monday

Three things that made me smile last week – 

  • Sunshine and long walks with my boys.  I’m so glad the weather is finally getting nice enough to allow for outings that aren’t car dependent.  It also means I’ll get to plant things soon!
  • Getting the garage organized.  Once we get a huge heap of cardboard boxes broken  down for recycling and trash pick-up comes we’ll be able to fit the car in again!  Such a ridiculous number of boxes and trash and stuff that should be trash and stuff that we’ve been meaning to Craigslist or get to other people.  I’m sure there’s still loads of stuff out there that we could truly live without, but this is a huge improvement.
  • Ascher’s delight at the used bookstore.  He loves books like no baby his age I’ve ever seen and he thought the children’s section of the used bookstore was amazing.  He was talking and smiling and gesturing and basically telling us this was a wonderful place.  He was too excited to want to look at any one thing, but we did find a book about Curious George(another favorite of his) to bring home.

Looking forward to – mostly just small stuff, I guess.

  •  Grocery shopping today.  Weird but true, I enjoy grocery shopping.  I only do a big shopping trip once or twice a month, with small trips for stuff like milk and dishwasher soap and fruit.  Essentials, ya know?
  • Some other organization projects.  Am I nesting already or is this just a spring cleaning thing?  Thinking of a jewelry organizer for the bathroom, cleaning up the Christmas wrapping mess(sad, true story) from the baby room, consolidating my home-canned foods from the laundry room to the pantry to set up plant starting lights, hunting for another dresser for baby clothes, etc.

What have you enjoyed recently?  What are you looking forward to?



Let me know what you think!

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