Flurry of Activity

I honestly can’t decide if I’m already starting on pre-baby nesting or if it’s just a frenzy of desire for spring and something fresh.  Nesting would be really early, but possible…  I got my nesting kick at 28 weeks with Ascher, whereupon I cooked freezer meals like a crazy person and cleaned and organized everything for two weeks.  Then it went away and actually doing anything else after that(basics, like, you  know, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming) was an act of drudgery.  Ok, not drudgery, but it was definitely more forced than inspired.

At any rate, nesting or spring cleaning, I keep finding myself plunging into organization projects.  I recently got all my maternity clothes into my wardrobe and bought new storage bins so I could put all the stuff I can’t or won’t be able to wear out of sight, neatly on the top shelf of the closet.  I also sorted through all of Ascher’s outgrown clothes, making boxes of his specific stuff, stuff that will work for baby girl(whites and yellows) and stuff to be returned to my sister, once they get moved.

Yesterday I was trying to get a handle on the counter space so I could fix dinner and got entirely distracted.  See, this was bugging me.



It felt wintery and cluttery and I was pretty much just tired of looking at it.  So!

I moved the cocoa bar fixings to the pantry, moved and wiped down the Kitchen-Aid, the cookie jar and other counter “lifers”, wiped down the stove top and the wall over the stove.  Then I set up an official station for the salt and pepper shakers/grinders, the butter dish, and the olive oil jar that were all originally taking up random spots on the counter and stove control top.  I considered just setting them all into that space, but thought it looked more put together to lay down a round wooden cutting board and use it like a tray.


Now, it makes me smile to see it.  I love the organization, and the simplicity.  It brings all my daily use items together and gives them a real home.  And I did eventually get dinner made.  :)

Finally, in lieu of something deep and conclusive, here is a picture of my sleeping baby.


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