10 and 11 months

Once again, I’ve had this draft sitting here so long that it’s completely out of date.  Ascher is now 11 months old, which I’m finding very hard to believe.  It seems both really fast and really slow.  On the one hand, wasn’t he JUST  born?  On the other hand, there’s been a fair number of veeery long days and nights to get here.  Guess that’s really just life.  Slow at the time but fast in retrospect.

At any rate, here’s what I had written as Ascher’s 10 month accomplishments.

  • Got to sitting from his tummy by himself.
  • Finally figured out a sippy cup.
  • Loves it when Ben holds him upside down.
  • Getting out of the swing napping habit(fully out now!).
  • Greatly enjoyed playing on the beach in the sand.
  • Scoots!

As of 11 months Ascher:

  • Loves mirrors.  A hand mirror was the best toy I ended up packing for the long car ride to the ocean.
  • Rolls a ball back and forth with us on the floor.
  • Has said at at least one point “day oo” (thank you),  “wurr” (water),  “dada”,  “dood”(good).
  • Is stringing all sorts of sounds together now to talk to us in sentences with inflections and everything.  He is definitely thinking he’s communicating with us.
  • Will sign “please” every now and then, usually if something is especially yummy and new.
  • Is doing about 50/50 speedy scooting and crawling.
  • Pulled up to standing on a short box and can get to his knees on taller things.  He has bonked his head pretty hard a few times on the darn coffee table, trying to get the rest of the way up.  He doesn’t seem to remember this as he tries over and over again, but I’m now wincing and having minor heart failure every time he slips.  Obviously it’s something he’s going to learn to do one way or another, but I wish he’d pay more attention to the couch and less to the coffee table.
  • Loves boxes and containers with lids.  He loves putting the lids on and off and on and off.  He knows they go together!
  • Crawls over/through things(us, the legs of a chair, the legs of the piano bench)
  • Is getting markedly more comfortable with family members other than me and Ben.  I think having a solid week of being in contact with 20 other people(staying in the house on the beach) really helped him with this.  He learned that they all loved his flirty shy face(smiling with his face to his shoulder), so he was definitely hamming it up at times.
  • Peels off his socks at every opportunity.
  •  All of his own accord started dancing to music!  Sometimes he’ll even start humming to himself and dancing to that.  Way cute, and a reminder to me to be joyful.

Every day is seems like we have entered a point in his life where he is learning all the big things in huge leaps and bounds, all at once.  So impressive to look at him and think of the noisy, hungry little noodle he was less than a year ago!

Some recent pictures!

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