Recovering a Worn-Out Glider Chair and Ottoman

Once upon a time there was a young glider chair that looked something like this.  One year for Mother’s Day it was taken home by the father of seven children.  The mother was delighted and the chair got lots of use by all the people in the house.  The mother rocked the little ones, the big ones curled up with books and stowed things in the side pockets and the little and medium ones gleefully spun the chair in circles at every opportunity.  Occasionally fingers got pinched, but overall it was a good chair.

Now time passed and the family grew so that there were 12 people in the house.  The chair began to look a bit tired and worn.  People still enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite nice enough to be downstairs in the main room anymore so it was sent upstairs.  One day the oldest daughter got married and the mother decided the big family was done with the chair and it was time to pass it on.  The daughter eyed the chair and accepted it with a sewing project in mind.  How hard could it be to make a slip-cover?   *End of silly story-telling voice.*

I happened to have a large, purple, corduroy curtain on hand and figured that for an experimental sewing project it would work quite well.  I pinned the fabric around the chair inside out and repeatedly pulled it on and off as I sewed to test the fit.  I made the armrest and ottoman covers separately and was pretty pleased with the end result for several years.

Chair4 Then when I was expecting Ascher I decided that the chair needed a cover that was more babyish and fun.  I cruised around the fabric store, but didn’t find anything quite right for a price that I could stomach.  Then on a whim I went through the bedding section of Walmart and found a bright sheet that was only $5 for a twin size sheet.  I bought three and took them home.  I wasn’t ready yet to start sewing, so I tucked the sheet around the chair to see how it might look.  I was pleased with the look, but it stayed only that far done for months.  Eventually Ascher was born and I certainly wasn’t ready to do any sewing then, so I pulled off the sheet and put the purple cover back on.

When we found out about baby #2 I figured it was time to get serious and cover that chair!

Then I used a couple leftover pieces to make some fun throw pillows. 


I guess this doesn’t look like leftover pieces, but the backs of the pillows are the striped fabric. :)


They can be used on the window seat in the baby room or used for extra support in the glider.

My little helper inspecting the final product.  The curtain is another one of the same sheets.

My little helper inspecting the final product. The curtain is another one of the same sheets.

It’s really nice to have this project finally checked off my list and I’m extremely pleased with how it all turned out!

Here's how it turned out!

Here’s how it turned out!


3 thoughts on “Recovering a Worn-Out Glider Chair and Ottoman

  1. Very cheery! And it’s fun how the curtain, pillows, and chair tie together. Being able to turn the pillows so the stripes don’t end up overwhelming the room seems nice too.

  2. Laura says:

    Looks great, but would you have any instructions as to how to do this. I have one that is tired and worn, but structurally sound.

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