Ascher at 14 and 15 Months

Seems like Ascher has been growing like crazy!  He’s trying to do everything at once these days and it’s so much fun to see him making connections and enjoying his new skills.

Ascher’s Skills and Tricks 14-15 Months

  • Now that he’s used to her Ascher loves his little sister!  He tries to share his toys and snacks with her, plays peekaboo at her, rubs her head, learns his face parts by pointing to hers and his in turn, and tries to sit close enough to her that she’ll touch him when she waves her hands.  He really wishes she’d interact with him more and I know he’ll be so excited when she does.   He sometimes shares too energetically(throw!) and sometimes if he’s grumped with us he’ll swat his hand on her, but overall he does really well with being gentle with her.  It’s such a relief to my mind to see how much he enjoys her.

    DSC05797 (640x480)

    Ascher meeting Wilona for the first time. Look at that smile!

  • Ascher calls Wilona, “‘Na” most of the time.  Sometimes “‘Ona” and just today, “‘Wona”.  Making progress.  Still says “Da” for Daddy and every now and then “Ma” for me.DSC06105 (480x640)
  • He picks words out of long sentences and demonstrates that he knows them.  Ben said something like, “You get the picture, don’t you?” and Ascher pointed up to the pictures on the wall.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear is his favorite book.DSC06075 (480x640)
  • He’s trying sooo hard to communicate with us and gets a little frustrated when he can’t get his point across.  He’s learned to sign please(ice cream was the magic food worth pleasing for) and uses it to ask for things.  He doesn’t have words for other things yet, so he’ll sometimes be pleasing desperately and we’re unsure what he’s wanting.  At dinner or bedtime he usually wants water, but a couple hours into the night once he was requesting a clean diaper before he’d sleep again.DSC06078 (640x480)
  • I’m thinking he’s just going to start talking in sentences when he does start being intelligible.DSC06081 (480x640)
  • He sleeps in a toddler bed in his room with a little white tiger I bought from the zoo when I was 15 or so.  When I bought it I definitely never imagined my baby using it.


  • He loves Curious George, but the first two minutes of Veggie Tales made him cry.DSC06086 (480x640)
  • He walks!  He is so glad to be walking!
  • When he and Ben are going somewhere and I blow him a kiss goodbye he puts his hand on Ben’s mouth to blow kisses that way.  So cute!

Love him so much!

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