Small Girl

Wilona is seven weeks old now and while I keep trying to write this deep and insightful post about how I wish there was an air freshener that smelled like the top of a new baby’s head (Wintergreen, New Car, New Baby?) because I hated it when Ascher stopped smelling like that(three months) and I’m sniffing Wilona’s sweet little noggin like my life depends on it(total junkie right here) because I’m afraid of when she’ll just smell like herself(spend nine months growing with and for the kiddos and the new smell wears off just like that??) that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Probably largely because I’m up too late(11:30) absorbing the freedoms(my own lap!  quiet!  not-sharing snack/spoon/waterbottle!  two handed typing!!) of having both babies in bed, not that I don’t love ’em, just if I can occasionally manage to stay awake an hour longer than them, I’m going to enjoy it.  Except that my brain is clearly mush, if that’s all the more post I can produce.  Huh.  But, but, two handed typing!  Should take advantage of the opportunity!  Right?  Ok, fine, going to bed.

But here, have some more pictures of Wilona.  Pretty sure we’re short on them around here.

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