Mopeless Monday

Once again aiming to make Mondays happy by sharing three good things from last week and one thing I’m looking forward to about this week.  I’d love to hear yours in comments or on your own blog!

Three happy things from last week-

  • Watching Ascher play on his new swing set.
  • Wilona weighs 12 pounds now!
  • Watching Ben show Ascher the first two ripe big tomatoes on the vine and seeing Ascher be so proud of picking them.

Looking forward to-

  •  Baking something.  Cookies maybe?


What made you smile last week?  What are you looking forward to?  



6 thoughts on “Mopeless Monday

  1. They are looking more alike now that Wilona is getting bigger, I think. So precious!

    Good things from last week:
    ~Snuggling Wilona and having her smile so big for me
    ~Taking Ranger to the fair
    ~Watching Acher being so brave playing in the pool with Em
    (Hm, seems to be a theme there! :) )

    Looking forward to:
    Having a bit more focused writing time during teen’s college classes

    Love, Momma

  2. So cute! Love that outfit. Makes me want to pick up some stripey fabric at joanns :)
    The good:
    – pregnancy closer to done!
    – got to spend a lovely relaxing sunday with Israel and family
    – watching Ranger figure out that bees go ‘buzz’ and they like our sunflowers :)

    Looking forward to:
    Being done with being pregnant…though that might not be this week. Sooo I’ll choose potentially making more jam. We’ll see which happens.

  3. love the size difference that shows up in the bath pics.

    good: finally getting to bake/cook something on my own terms
    a bit of time playing a piano
    successfully completing some job training w/ compliments from the boss

    looking forward to: two days off in a row this week!

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