Best of Last Week

How did it get to be September already?  My husband just had his birthday, Wilona is ten weeks old(!!!) and Ascher is almost 16 months, all of which is crazy, since it was just June yesterday.

Best of last week –

  • Wilona laughing for the first time on her ten week birthday.
  • My new little niece!
  • Getting my package from The Keen Bean Etsy shop!  Sara has lots of pretty earrings, nursing covers and tons of gorgeous headbands for little girls(or big ones!).  Plus, they’re super affordable!  Check out the Etsy shop or the Facebook page for more info.
Doesn't she look lovely?

Doesn’t she look lovely?

  • Seeing how fast Ascher is picking up some basic sign language.  He knows please and more really well and uses them appropriately without prompting.  He’s learning eat, ball, book, apple, macaroni, cracker, drink, down and banana.  He has also invented signs to tell me he’s gotten hurt, to tell us he’d like to go somewhere, or to tell us he’d like to know what the sign for something is.  He’s not deaf, but he’s not talking yet either and he is really loving having an alternate form of communication.  Even if he’s only saying please or more to tell us he wants something it’s a huge improvement on whining and gives us the chance to problem solve for him without getting frustrated ourselves.

Looking forward to meeting little Alison!


Anything especially fun happen to you lately?  What are you looking forward to?


5 thoughts on “Best of Last Week

  1. Have you ever tried the Signing Time videos? My husband and I are both fluent in ASL and have taught all four of our children. We love these videos for teaching kids. I can get them at my local library, maybe yours has them too!

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