Little Growers

Wilona has decided she is big and wants to start sitting up now.  She squawks if we try to make her recline.  She still needs to be propped so she doesn’t tip, but she really, really wants to practice.  She’s such a different body type than Ascher.  She is all strong and muscly and Ascher was a soft little snuggler who wasn’t strong enough to start sitting for quite a while.  Then again, I have no idea how long it took him and Wilona is eleven weeks old now (how???), so he might not have been much older, I don’t know.


Too big!

Too big!

Ascher and his kitty, oh my.  Seeing him snuggle it as he goes to sleep just makes me happy.  It makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes, my very favorite comic.  I know that in a lot of ways Calvin is a really obnoxious little kid, but I hope and pray my babies always have such a great imagination and ability to play and create with non-techy things.  I’m not going to be all old and go on the whole, “kids these days” rant, but I have such incredible memories of imaginative play with my siblings and friends.  I really want to see my babies creating those awesome games and growing their relationships with each other, rather than their screen time.

Ascher and his little white tiger, "Kitty".

Ascher and his little white tiger, “Kitty”.

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