Huge grins and happy wiggles from Wilona when I finally woke up for her in the dark of the early morning.

Ascher loves 80’s worship/rock music.  He was all, “No time for breakfast, Mama!  Gotta dance!”.

Putting both babies down for their nap in the big bed together.  Ascher kept bringing up his hand to dozily rub Wilona’s head.  To. Much. Cute.

Cleaning and vacuuming the living room!  Yes!  Ascher had to squat down and examine the dents in the carpet from where I moved the barstools.

Ascher sitting on the patio just looking around, then later sitting in the grass watching birds fly over and pointing them out.

Ben brought Ascher in to me this morning before he left and Ascher was dozing back to sleep when the garage door started opening.  Ascher heard it and sat up.  He started talking to me and made his sign for “bye-bye”(blow a kiss) and the sign for “daddy”.

SO much fun watching him figure out what he wants to say!  It really helps if I say out loud what he is signing, even if I have a good guess at what he means.  This morning he went through “more”, “please”, and “drink” and as I said out loud what he was signing he’d stop and think for a second, shake his head and try the next thing until he got to “eat” which is what he wanted.  Smarty pants!  :)



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