31 Days to a More Mindful Mama

Every October  at The Nesting Place hundreds of people challenge themselves to write and post every day of the month.  For some people it’s just a blogging consistency challenge and others choose to write on various facets of one topic.  This year I’m joining in.


Though I could certainly use the consistency challenge, I’m going to be writing about what I’m doing to try to beat my mindless internet habit and do more of what I truly enjoy.  I’m looking forward to practicing juggling my chores, my fun things(baking, sewing, playing and learning) while including my babies(16 months and 3 months)in a deliberate way without the endless distraction of “just one more” internet thing.

As Ascher has started getting older I am daily aware of how much he watches what I’m doing and wants to do it too and I don’t want him growing up thinking that endless rounds of internet are the only entertainment around.  Besides that, I know that I have bunches of things I would be glad to be doing instead.  Part of my justification has been that I’m nursing Wilona and tied down anyway, but I know there’s still better stuff I could be doing.

My rule I’ve made myself for the month of October is that I can have my computer open with no limit while Ascher is sleeping and if I want it while he’s awake I have a 30 minute limit for the day.  We’ll see what that leads to.  I’m hoping it’s something like this.


So, what have I done with more limited internet?  (Links to be added as available)

Day 1 of 31 – Ascher’s Room

Day 2 of 31 – Learning What “Accomplishing” Looks Like With Littles

Day 3 of 31 – Randomosity

Day 4 of 31 – Pianos, Faucets, Vegetables

Day 5 of 31 – Being Reminded

Day 6 of 31 – Favorite Things About My Babies

Day 7 of 31 – Busy, Busy, Busy

Day 8 of 31 – Wherein I Ramble

Day 9 of 31 – Redefined

Day 10 of 31 – Nothing To It

Day 11 of 31 – How Are The Babies Doing?

Day 12 of 31 – Minor Details

Day 13 of 31 – Ending Right

Day 14 of 31 – Cleaner, Gamer, Perpetuator, You?

Day 15 of 31 – Making Headway

Day 16 of 31 – Grasping the Nows

Day 17 of 31 – Yummy Bites

Day 18 of 31 – 2128 Words

Day 19 of 31 – This Post Pending – Updated!

Day 20 of 31- Dance of the Zebra Dot Princess

Day 21 of 31 – Because I Can

Day 22 of 31 – Living to Learn

Day 23 of 31 – Reverse Verbosity

Day 24 of 31 – Apropos of Nothing

Day 25 of 31 – In Which I Move Everything

Day 26 of 31 – Rearranging Pics

Day 27 of 31 – Recharge

Day 28 of 31 – Snoozy

Day 29 of 31 – Topically

Day 30 of 31 – That’s a Win

Day 31 of 31 – Finished


6 thoughts on “31 Days to a More Mindful Mama

    • Guess I should clarify… If I want the computer while Ascher is awake I have a 30 minute limit. If he’s asleep there’s no limit. Not quite as restrictive, but still some and assures that I’m busier and he sees me being useful. :)

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