Day 1 of 31 – Ascher’s Room

Last night, after linking up with the Nester I almost freaked out.  I wanted to delete my link and un-commit to this whole deal.  Not sure why I was suddenly extra worried about it.  I think it was maybe the possibility of disappointment when things(inevitably) don’t turn out quite as awesome as I’d hoped.  When the baby wants to eat truly all day and Ascher is restless and we’re both crabby and I have no idea what to make for dinner and I’d rather hide from it all in the fun of other people’s lives until I can head to bed and forget all my noble plans that didn’t happen.

There probably will be days like that this month.  But.  I think it’s really worth it to try to do better.  So here I am, publicly committing.


It was 3pm before I opened my computer today.  Ascher was finally down for his nap, which meant it was computer free time.  After 45 minutes on email and Facebook I realized I was all caught up and had a second of wondering why obsessively checking for updates or new email six times an hour(understatement) throughout the day was really so “fun”.

Here’s what I did instead of internet so far.

  • Read several chapters of a real(paper pages, non-fiction!) book while I fed Wilona instead of mindless internetting.
  • Set her down for her first nap instead of holding her for the whole thing and continuing with internet.
  • Took Ascher into his room to play while I boxed up his summer and outgrown clothes.
  • Folded and put away his fall and winter things, both from a great consignment sale and stuff that was gifted and too big last year.
  • Sorted his toys and boxed several categories into his closet to be rotated in a couple weeks with what I left out.  This should refresh the closet toys and lessen the mess possibilities.
  • Sorted out laundry and trash to remove from the room.
  • Moved his bed, the bookshelf, the rocking chair/footstool, and Wilona’s dresser to maximize floor space and accessibility.
  • Closed the closet doors, cleared a couple furniture surfaces and mostly reduced eye clutter.

By the time I finished with all that Ascher was nap ready, but needing a snack first and Wilona, having woken up somewhere in the middle, had lost her patience with watching me from her bouncy seat and needed me.  So Ben set Ascher in his highchair with a snack and I took Wilona to grab a couple pictures of the beauty that is a clean room.  Isn’t it pretty?

Then when I came out Ascher looked like this.

Watching mama work is exhausting!

Watching mama work is exhausting!

So we put him to bed.

I’m really pleased with how the first day is turning out.  I’m not out to “do” constantly and for today I’ll probably figure out dinner and not much else big, but I’m excited to see how much more I can stay on top of when I’m not hiding in the interwebz from the mess.  I know more experienced mamas and “doers” are probably chuckling at me, but I over and over realize how much I get crippled from doing anything by the knowledge that I won’t have enough time to do it all at one go.  Given how good babies are at needing things frequently I have to get better at breaking projects down into bite-size tasks and remind myself that some is better than none and not spend all my time on the internet waiting for the perfect moment to do a whole project at once(not gonna happen, folks).

Obviously today is not seeming like a good example of that.  However, I was truly only aiming to sort out Ascher’s clothes, and, given that the babies were happy, the rest just snowballed.  There is also a heap of Wilona’s fall clothes on top of Ascher’s dresser that I was hoping to sort into her drawers but didn’t have time for, so see, I did quit in the middle, haha.

When Ascher wakes up I’m planning on stories, time on his swing set, more useful reading for me, dinner, and an evening walk to fill a good portion of the rest of the day.

Bring it on, October.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 of 31 – Ascher’s Room

  1. Kat says:

    You can do this!!! I’m sitting here holding my little boy right before his nap time and I should probably be doing something a little more productive. lol. :)

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