Day 2 of 31 – Learning What “Accomplishing” Looks Like With Littles

Not much to report today.  Ascher had a super restless stretch last night(3-6:30am).  Just couldn’t settle.  Eventually we gave him breakfast(banana, cheese stick, scrambled eggs) and he went to sleep for real.  Wilona seems to be having a growth spurt and therefore wants to eat constantly and only sleep on me which makes it kind of hard to try to do things.  Hopefully she’ll be sorted out in a day or two and back to her normal happy self.

Despite being tired mama today some things still did get done and I mostly stuck with the plan.  I maybe spent 45 minutes of Ascher’s awake time on the computer instead of 30 minutes.

Amanda –

  • Kept people mostly fed.  Egg drop soup with veggies was a big hit with everyone for dinner.
  • Did some laundry.
  • Straightened the master bedroom and made the bed.
  • Straightened Ascher’s room.
  • Straightened the laundry room.
  • Finished a book.
  • Emptied a drawer in the kitchen and filled it with kitchen things Ascher IS allowed to play with – a muffin tin, some containers with lids, a whisk, a couple of infrequently used large spoons, etc.  Hopefully giving him a drawer of his own to rummage in will make it easier to stay out of the rest of the low cabinets.

Ben –

  • Straightened and vacuumed the living room and hallways.
  • Did some dishes.
  • Brought out the heap of boxes from the hall to the recycling and emptied trash.
  • Had a great spinning/wrestling session with Ascher before bed.

This is not actually Ben’s project, but when you tally up accomplishments from the day his made the biggest impact, so he definitely deserves credit.  I’m very blessed by his help.  :)

The day was a lesson to me in that I kind of definitely fretted growled about not being able to do more of what of what I was hoping and several times decided it would be easier to just throw in the towel and not try to do things at all.  Just quit caring about messes and accomplishments and my favorite hobbies and be a baby feeding lump on the couch for the rest of my days(oh, the drama of tiredness!).


Look at those lists up there.

Stuff did happen.

It happened in small pieces, here and there as the small people had patience, but it still happened.  I think that if nothing else this month is going to be helpful in making me a little bit wiser about what it looks like to accomplish things with littles.  There may will be frequent interruptions, but things can still happen.

And look at these lovely people.  Gotta keep remembering that no amount of accomplishing is worth more than enjoying them.

What are you working on learning lately?


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3 thoughts on “Day 2 of 31 – Learning What “Accomplishing” Looks Like With Littles

  1. Being a goal oriented person myself, I “helped” myself by putting spending time with the kids on my list of goals. It’s not that I was ‘crossing them off the list’ but it helped me give myself credit for it as something as a beneficial part of the day. It showed up lots of ways during the day then.

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