Day 3 of 31 – Randomosity

Oooh, gray area…  Ascher is awake, but on a brief shopping outing with his daddy, and here I am with the computer open.

You are all going to be bored out of your minds if every day I just list off what I did or didn’t do.

The above sentences are two attempts at a post two different times earlier today.

Nevermind, make that three. ^^^^^

Obviously not finding my inspiration earlier, hah.


This evening I told Ben I didn’t have anything to blog about and that over and over blogging, “I stayed off-line and did some chores, rah, rah, rah!”, was going to be boring as all get out very rapidly and it was feeling like a very one-sided topic all of a sudden.

He reminded me that the point of this challenge for me wasn’t just to stay off the computer and do my chores, but to work more on fitting in my crafting and baking and learning some new things as well as enjoying the babies and playing with them and helping them have interesting things to do while I’m doing my stuff.

Hey, guess what, I stayed off-line and did my chores.  I also rearranged my photo wall to include Wilona(yay!).


Aaaaand, you’ve all nodded off.

Sorry, folks, Mindful Mama obviously needs a more clear sense of, “And where do you see yourself in 30 years?”.  Except it’s days, thankfully.

Meanwhile, I’ve committed to, at the VERY least, posting a blog every day…

(This barely counts, since it’s 1:30am, but hey, same span of wakefulness.)

and I’m here to see that through, anyway.

If this were a seafarers map it would read, “Here Be Blathering” and all you wise seafarers would have sailed away.  I guess that really belongs at the top of the post, hah.

I’m very grateful for all of you who haven’t sailed away.

I’m going to learn something this month, I just don’t know what yet.  A syllabus and lesson plan would come in handy-dandy right about now.

Anyway.  To bed.



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