Day 4 of 31 – Pianos, Faucets, Vegetables


This has frequently been Wilona lately.

“Mama, I think I need a snack, can I eat please?  Please, please, please?”

*nurses for five minutes*

“Oooh, what’s that noise?  Brother!  Daddy!  Oh, book!  Mama, you’re nice to snuggle and you’re funny.  That’s a pretty ceiling.”

*she looks around and goofs off until I decide she’s done*

*ten minutes later*

“MAMAMAMAMAMA!  I’m staaaaaaaarving!”

Me – *sigh*


Last night Ben noticed that the kitchen faucet was leaking in a new, but it-can-wait-till-morning fashion.  This morning I reached under the sink for a trash bag and discovered a small pond forming.  Ah, plumbing(she says with all the same air as a polar bear speaking of the Amazon River).

So, long story short is that the sink is de-fauceted and once Ascher gets up from his nap we’re going to the store to pick out a new faucet.  We’re hoping to find a good one somewhere in the price range between “toenail clippings” and “firstborn child”.  We could probably swing “arm” or “leg”, but not both.




This morning I got into our master bedroom closet and sorted out three big bags of don’t-fit, won’t-fit, tired-of, and haven’t-worn-for-literal-years clothes.  Some of the best are going to my four youngest sisters to look through and the rest is going to Goodwill where they’ll give me a coupon for 20% off my next purchase.  Hoping to find something interesting decor-wise.  I keep wanting to make the master bedroom be really gorgeous and relaxing, but what with baby paraphernalia and exactly one floor arrangement that works it’s a little complicated.  I keep saying I want to trade out our big bed for a bunk bed, but I don’t think that’s gonna fly.  Anyone have some great tips?


Last night Ben went out and picked all the rest of the tomatoes from the garden in anticipation of frost.  Weirdly, though I don’t know if it did actually freeze or not, today is delicious and balmy and gorgeous.  Anyway, I have a table full of tomatoes ranging from green to ready.  It’s not looking like enough to can for sauce at any one time, so we might wrap up all the green ones to ripen slowly for a while.  I’ll probably try drying the cherry tomatoes and a few of the big ones and make a batch of salsa with the majority of the rest.  Then we’ll still have homegrown tomato flavor for a while, one way or another.


I’m really wanting to paint our piano a color called Yellow Wax Pepper.  I’ve been feeling like the piano is waaaay too big and dark for our little living room and it’s starting to feel like a light-sucking monstrosity.  The color looks something like this.  I think it could be really cool, but then again it might just be a pale green monstrosity, I don’t know.  Here is a piano in a similar color.


That’s about all.  How was your day?


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