Day 6 of 31 – Favorite Things About My Babies

I love it when Ben gets home and Ascher hears the garage door.  He drops everything he’s doing and runs as fast as he can to the door and is instantly begging to be picked up.

I love watching Ascher play with Wilona in her bouncy seat.  He leans all the way into it so he’s just a few inches from her face and talks to her and shows her his toys and she looks at him and watches and grins so big at him.  Today he was sitting beside her seat and resting his head on her lap and looking so comfy and happy.

I love what a sweet snuggle-boy he is.  He loves hugs and kisses and is starting to return hugs.  Having his little arms around my neck with his face snuggled close is one of the best feelings ever.

I love every now and then getting one of those can’t-quite-help-myself chuckles from Wilona.

I love that she’s such a talker.  When she’s tired and grumpy and having trouble sleeping she looks me in the eyes with a sad face and talks in long, grumbly, whiny, sentences to me, truly telling me all about it.  When she’s happy you’re playing with her she goos and gurgles and tells you all about that too.

I love how much she loves being talked to and played with and how her whole face lights up all the way from her raised-high eyebrows and giant round eyes to her sweet dimples and double chin.

Moments like this just soak and refresh me with love and delight in my family.


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