Day 7 of 31 – Busy, Busy, Busy

This morning I was feeding Wilona and Ascher was next to me, looking at a book and talking to me.  Wilona started squirming around, telling me she had a burp, so I sat her up and started patting her back.  I was immediately rewarded with a good burp and a couple seconds later another, followed right away by a spit-up fountain explosion eruption directly towards Ascher.  He looked at her, horrified, and then at me and very nearly burst into tears, poor boy.  She does that occasionally, but I guess he’d never seen it before.  I sympathize.  Ascher never did that, so I was quite shocked when Wilona did it the first time.

He wasn’t too scarred though.  Later in the day I was canning tomatoes and just on the last step before putting the jars into the pot and ignoring them for nearly an hour.  I was SO close to done and just wanted to finish, but Wilona was in her bouncy and rapidly losing her patience with the process, though I’d been working on it very intermittently all day.  Ascher was sitting beside her looking a bit worried so I quit for a second and got down and gave him a hug and tickled and talked her to a smile, but as soon as I got up she was fussing again.

After a couple seconds though, it got quiet.  I looked over and Ascher was all up close to her face in her seat, talking to her, petting her face, smiling and showing her a toy all so sweetly and gently.  He stayed there for the last couple minutes it took for me to finish the process and rescue her.  So cute!  I certainly never expected him to be so opportunely helpful so soon.


The equation for the day goes something like this.

(family – 1 working husband)(14 quarts of tomatoes canned + 2 dehydrators full of tomatoes dried + 1 basket of laundry folded + meals + part time sling baby) + (full family)(evening walk with sling baby + bedtime) = 1 exhausted mama + 1 messy kitchen + hallelujah the ripe tomatoes are gone!


I think I’ll be going a bit easier tomorrow.  Productivity is lovely, but days like this include a lot of, “Just one more minute, baby” and that makes them tired.  So tomorrow I’m aiming to spend lots of time on the floor with them and stories and toys.  It’ll help that I already have dinner figured out.

I’ve been wanting to think about some crafting projects, but, oh my word, the disaster that is my sewing room, aka the “just toss it in there for now” room.  I can’t find my sewing table, much less relax enough to craft, haha.  I might take a stab at unearthing the place during Ascher’s nap.  But, maybe not.  I might just be taking a nap, because naps with my babies are delicious.



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3 thoughts on “Day 7 of 31 – Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Anna says:

    Do you have a full-sized playpen, not the pack-n-play size? If you don’t, I highly recommend one. My children are 21 months apart, and the playpen has been a real help. My daughter (now 17 months) can play in her playpen with her toys and my son doesn’t have little sister messing up his toys. It also keeps her safe when I’m canning, etc. We have an open floor plan, and the playpen is in the kitchen with me, and we sing and talk while I work. It’s her special space. By no means does she spend all day in it, and I still wear her a lot in the Ergo or let her free-range, but it gives me a safe-but-close place to put her when I need it. I’ve done a lot of canning this summer, and having her close by but not underfoot has been amazing!

    • No, we only have the smaller size. I’m sure I’ll be working with a whole new set of managing when next summer comes and they’re both walking. :D Thanks for the suggestion!

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