Day 8 of 31 – Wherein I Ramble

I keep getting to the veeery end of the day and realizing I have no post yet.  It’s true, I confess.  I don’t pre-plan my posts.  I know this comes as a shock to all of you who were surely reveling in my witty, yet poignant prose.  Sorry, I know it’s a letdown.

So, no post at the end of the day and between trying to get Wilona to just stay asleep already(success!) and trying to remember if dinner is put away yet(yes) and wondering if Ben fell asleep with Ascher again(apparently yes) the clock ticks down to zero i.e. the end of the time wherein I could have a post about the day posted on the actual day it happened and it’s midnight.

Which, oddly enough, takes the pressure off and turns my brain back on for writing.  Or something.

Maybe it’s this?

Except the last minute panic is like I-have-to-write-a-post-before-I-can-go-to-bed panic.

Except not panic.

Anyway, it’s late and writing can happen.

Except for the part about the topic.


Next year for 31 days I’ll have a topic(chosen already!) and I’ll have it all pre-written and scheduled so that all I have to do is sit on the couch eating chocolate while I check my blog stats compulsively, right?  Right?


I do have a writing project I’d like to complete but I keep sitting down to it and getting sucked into a marshmallow creme pit of perfectionism.

“No, this is enough detail.  I’m not sure I want to share more than that.”

“Moooooore details!!!!!!!!!”

“But if I say everything….No.  Seriously, this is enough.”



And I pretty much vanish into not-writing, not to be seen again at that project for some weeks.


Speaking of trying to get Wilona to stay asleep…

She’s in this habit of not going to sleep for real until close to midnight.  She catnaps while she nurses, but once she’s done she’s awake to play again for a while.  That’s fine.  Ascher did the same thing and eventually got to a point where he went to bed at a more normal hour.  Usually Wilona’s routine for finally going to sleep for real is that she nurses herself full, has a couple burps and then needs to be bounced until she goes to sleep, at which point you can set her down.  If you try to set her down sleepy but awake she goes from grumbling to wailing quite rapidly.

Well, tonight she was having trouble with the bouncing to sleep thing.  Two or three times I had her asleep pretty well, but she woke up fussing as soon as I put her down.  The last time I set her in her swing, hoping the motion would help, and she woke up again.  I was about to go in and rescue her but I realized she wasn’t crying, just doing her sing song grumbly tired talking.  So I just waited for a couple minutes and sure enough, the talking quit and she was asleep.

Felt odd that she needed to be put down before she could stay asleep tonight.  Not expecting it to be a regular thing, but it was interesting.


Productivity – some kitchen, some craft room, exercise video, babies, meals.

Assessment of 31 Days so far – I’m getting lazy about my internet restrictions.  Too much Ascher-awake computer sneaking.  Otherwise good.  I’m reading real books, doing real things, playing with my babies.

Sounds like a win to me.



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