Day 12 of 31 – Minor Details

Ben has suggested a change.  After trying to write all my posts only while Ascher was asleep and I had both hands available(Wilona asleep too) the only time I was reliably finding was late at night.  By then, obviously, I’m tired and my brain is mush.  I was talking to Ben about it and he reminded that I usually have some time while eating breakfast with Ascher in the mornings.  Wilona usually sleeps later in the mornings than we do, so even if he’s awake why don’t you write then until she wakes up?

Well, worth a shot, so here I am.

Got Ascher cleaned up from his breakfast(oatmeal) and set him down to play and he went and grabbed a couple little people and came back to the kitchen to spin in front of his reflection in the stove door.  Then he came to sit on my feet, then he disappeared into our bedroom, where Wilona was still sleeping on the bed.  He started talking loudly and I hustled in to get him and as soon as he spotted me he started running back and forth around the bed, pointing at Wilona, yelling excitedly to me, “Dey ‘e is!  Dey ‘e is!” which is his approximation of “There he/she/it is!”.

Sure enough, Wilona was awake and looking his direction.  I sat on the bed and pulled him up and said good morning to Wilona and she started grinning so big at us and talking back.  She loveslovesloves seeing people first thing in the morning.  Ascher’s new thing is to give her kisses, so he did, several times.  I think he’s just like me in that kissing her(them) once means I have to kiss them like, six times because they are Just. So. Yummy!

Later we went to the sewing room where I put Wilona in her bouncy and gave Ascher a shoebox of poker chips and the end of a deck of playing cards and showed him how to poke them both through the handle slot on an empty soda box.  I cleaned up some and then we set up chess pieces on a chess board and put a few empty bobbins and thread spools on a shoelace.

But nap is over, so I’ve gotta go!


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