Day 15 of 31 – Making Headway

This was the babies at the start of their nap today.  I moved Wilona right after the picture, but aren’t they sweet?  Good long naps today.  Ascher for two hours and Wilona for 2.5.  I think playing outside with him right before nap really helped zonk him out faster.

DSC06807So, mid-month checkup, what have I enjoyed most about reduced internet time throughout the day?

  • Faster responses on my part to their needs, thus…
  • Calmer babies, thus…
  • Calmer mama.
  • Baking bread!  I think in the last 18 months I could count on one hand the number of times I made real bread(wonder why?), so it’s nice to have the house smelling like it again.  Today was two big loaves of a partly sourdough leavened bread and a, experimental, batch of gf.  Both turned out yummy!
  • Unearthing my sewing room.  Not done, but progress.  I might sew again someday!
  • There truly is more time in the day!  Dishes, laundry, dinner, playtime, I can do it all!  Apparently I had a bigger problem than I knew with time-management.
  • Actually reading books about real things.  I read, for the first time, one given to us as a wedding present.  It’s been on my to-reads for four and a half years, folks.  FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!  Absurd.  Not that I was actually missing anything, but hey, now I can get it out of my house guilt-free, right?
  • Feeling empowered to DO things!  Today my positive affirmation, was, no joke, “You are a strong woman.  It is ok to throw away the empty glass candle jars.  Yes, even if they have lids and are cute.  You are strong enough to to this!”  And I did.  Then I flinched and repeated the affirmation every time I had to throw something away and saw them again.  Today, candle jars, tomorrow?  Who knows.  Clutter, begone!

Little Miss Tomato Munchkin Shortcake is just the happiest little thing.  I was sure after happy little Ascher that we’d get a crabby baby, but no.  She’s a dolly and wants nothing more than to eat and play with people and be let to sleep.  Love her sweetness!

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