Day 17 of 31 – Yummy Bites

This afternoon Ben dropped me and the babies off at the store to do a big grocery shop while he went to get a (free)haircut.  It was the first time I’ve had both of them out and about by myself for….anything, I guess. Advantage of only having one car.  I wore Wilona and Ascher sat in the cart and everything went beautifully.  When we got home Ascher played outside a little bit and got a nice fresh white carrot from the garden to munch on.

For wearing Wilona – – – I have tried to bring Wilona to the store in the sling before, but she is not as big a fan of the maya wrap sling(made by my mil) as Ascher was.  I think that she is not as flexible as he is, so it’s more tight and uncomfy for her.  Today I tried my moby wrap(made by my mom) and she was super happy the whole time, eventually falling asleep.  The moby lets her be upright and straight bodied, which she likes.  The few times I tried Ascher in the moby he just ended up all slumped and wadded up the bottom of it because he was a squishy marshmallow baby.  The sling was a better fit for him and I didn’t use the moby much.  The sling works for Wilona for short times(she fell asleep in it while I made dinner) but I can see that the moby will be getting much more use with her.

She sat happily in her seat a few extra minutes while I put away the fridge items.

She sat happily in her seat a few extra minutes while I put away the fridge items.

Look at those yummy, yummy arm rolls!

Look at those yummy, yummy arm rolls!

Above yumminess is a modification of this recipe, a favorite of Ben’s family for lots of years.  I added a few shakes of oregano, basil, marjoram and garlic powder, and some dry chopped onions.  The once it was in the pan I sprinkled it with chopped tomatoes and some Italian salami.  It turned out really yummy!

Other things…

I ran tonight.  Not far, not fast.  Only two 1/4 mile bits, but it’s still farther than I’ve run for 10 months, so it’s something.  :)  I got weirdly excited this evening thinking about races for 2014, so I’m all inspired to get on the ball and do this!

Ben and I brought order to our disaster pantry.  It is lovely and gorgeous and clean now!

Ascher said “ah uv oo” tonight when I said “I love you” to him.  And did it again a few minutes later.  :)

It was definitely a lovely day.

*contented sigh*


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