Day 19 of 31 – This Post Pending – Updated!

Check back for details later.

We were gone most of the hours between 8am and 9pm.

Hashtag, exhausted.

Ok, so here’s how the day went.

First thing in the morning we packed up the car and the babes for the 40 minute drive to Ben and Ascher’s race.  We brought coffee from home

Except in travel mugs.

Except in travel mugs.

and picked up a dozen amazing donuts.  Flavors included pumpkin pie(oh my), pecan pie, chocolate almond, salted caramel, blueberry, and coconut.

DSC06939 (640x480)

I’ll definitely be keeping this place in mind!

Then on to the race location.  It was the Push 5K, a race specifically for stroller runners.  There were strollers of every make and model and it felt like the coolest stroller comparison shopping event ever.  People were definitely checking out everybody else’s gear.  Mostly single strollers, plenty of doubles and two triples(one jogger and one walker).  I was intrigued by a Hauck, which is a front and back (instead of side by side) double jogging stroller.

Once we had everyone warmly garbed and settled, Ascher in the stroller and Wilona in her moby, we headed for the start line.  The race announcer was dressed in a giant Easter bunny suit and the loudspeakers were blasting songs from kids tv shows and each little rider was handed a bright pinwheel.  They were definitely trying to make it fun for the kids and while there were some sleepy or slightly overwhelmed little faces there was very little crying, an impressive feat for a race with 300+ entries.  There was also a La Leche League tent for nursing moms with chairs, water, books, etc.  I was grateful for the idea of having a good spot, but didn’t end up needing it since Wilona slept almost the whole time.

Eventually, it was time to go!  There was a little bit of shuffling around as people settle into their pace, but people had mostly settled themselves accurately with walkers in the back and the fast starters in the front.  Even with a mob of strollers there didn’t seem to be too much crowding.

After everyone was off I started following the arrows to the finish line backwards and found a good spot a little ways down to grab another pic of Ascher and Ben.  I was excited to see they were in second and not too far behind the first guy!

DSC06914 (480x640)Then I walked back up to the finish line where it seemed like only a few minutes before the first place finisher appeared.  He surprisedly asked me if this was the end as he sped his double towards the finish.  Ben later calculated the more exact race distance and found it was about 1/5 of a mile short, so if the first finisher was timing himself it might make sense that he was surprised by being done already.

About two minutes later I spotted Ben, still holding second!



DSC06918 (480x640)

That darn tree... Oh, and I guess I forgot to say, Ben was barefoot for the whole race.  I heard lots of murmurs about "did you see the guy with no shoes?" so it was fun to see him do so well.

Answering more questions about his lack of shoes.

Answering more questions about his lack of shoes.

At the end of the race they passed out water, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers and apples, so it was all really great for the kids involved.  More and more people came across the finish and it was fun to see the family groups come in.  Plenty of dads and moms running together, a few dads out to win(all three first finishers = men) and lots and lots of determined mamas.   Some people pulled out their bigger kids and let them run alongside for the last little bit.

Eventually Ben got Ascher out of his stroller and let him walk and Ascher had lots of fun walking around and saying hi to lots of other kids.  He found an completely adorable pair of little twin boys probably close to a year older than him and they all three stared at each other for a minute before the twins ran off to play.  Ascher was very impressed and ran off to follow them, but they were just enough older to be faster and more coordinated than him.  Ben hunted up some acorns and showed them his juggling skills, which they all three thought that was pretty fun.

DSC06929 (640x480)

Then we loaded back into the car.  Wilona stayed asleep getting out of the moby, but had lots of happy smiles.

DSC06936 (480x640)  Then we headed over to a nearby hospital to visit Ben’s sister and her daughter, my new little niece, Cori.  She’s such a pretty little dolly!  You can read Cori’s story here.

We headed for lunch and found a place with a pretty little back courtyard eating area, empty except for us, where we tossed crumbs to friendly(well-trained, haha) finches and let Ascher run around a bit more before going home.

Once we got home I set babies down for naps and Ben went to do a quick work project.  We were then invited to dinner and football viewing with some family and a good time was had by all, except when Ascher was in the middle of the room for a touchdown and there was lots of sudden cheering.  That was some tears, poor boy, but he recovered nicely.  Then everyone home to bed.

Thus the no real blog post yesterday.  Lots and lots of fun and visiting and good food and time outside.  Exhausting, but happy.



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